Session 1 - Trends and advanced techniques in production and marketing of mango and durian under climate change

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Topic 1 - Advanced technology within the Australian Mango Industry

Dr. Peter Robert Johnson

Senior Horticulturist

Division of Agriculture and Food, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development


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Topic 2 (TBC)

Mr. Ali Hanafiah Mazian

Agricultural Officer

Department of Agriculture


Session 2 - Application of advanced technologies in mango and durian production

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Topic 3 - Application of advanced technologies in mango & durian production in Viet Nam

Dr. Nguyen Van Hoa

Deputy Director General

Southern Horticultural Research Institute (SOFRI)


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Topic 4 - The dilemma and optimization strategy of mango industry chain in Taiwan

Mr. Kuo-Dung Chiou

Associate Researcher

Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), Council of Agriculture (COA)


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Topic 5 - Technology for year-round production of mangoes in the Philippines

Dr. Calixto Mabesa Protacio

Professor, Department of Horticulture

University of the Philippines Los Baño (UPLB)

the Philippines

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Topic 6 - Export potential of mango from India

Dr. Anand Kumar Singh

Deputy Director General

Horticultural Science, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)


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Topic 7 - Fruit setting behavior of durian

Dr. Naoko Kozai


Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University


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Topic 8 - Production and post-harvest handling of mango and durian in Indonesia

Dr. Sobir Ridwani


Research Center of Tropical Horticulture, IPB University


Session 3 - Emerging topics for international collaborations in Asia-Pacific region.

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Topic 9 - Issue and challenge: agricultural research cooperation on tropical fruits in Asia Pacific

Dr. Wen-Li Lee

Branch Director

Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), Council of Agriculture (COA)


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Topic 10 - Opportunity and challenges of digitalization for Vietnam’s tropical fruits development and export

Dr. Nguyen Hong Son


Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS)


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